Who is Ethan Borg, The EMtuitive?

Ethan Borg is an energy healer trained in classical Chinese energy medicine. Almost two decades in the field of Chinese medicine, he has worked with patients in almost every continent across the world. Here is a video that spotlighted Ethan:


I’ve Obviously Heard Of ‘Intuitive’, But What Is “EMtuitive”?

Intuitives feel energy and their Fire Qi allows them access to higher levels of spiritual energy, giving them clarity on psychic and spiritual matters. “EMtuitives”, as Ethan calls them, are intuitives empowered to not only feel energy but to also move it back to balance. Ethan is the creator of Eminus Mirus (EM), an altogether new energy method built on three pillars:

  1. Classical Chinese medicine,
  2. Feng Shui, and
  3. Modern ideas of anatomy and physiology.

Though built on these pillars, Ethan’s methodology is strikingly unique and tremendously easy to learn and use. No knowledge about Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, or anatomy and physiology is required to learn it.


What Is The Best Way To Explore Ethan’s Work

You might think jumping right in to learning Eminus Mirus is the best path forward, but Ethan suggest experiencing the energy movements first. Watch the EMtuitive video channel, sign up for exclusive EMtuitive content, sign up for Energy Blasts, and feel the energy before you move into practicing the energy method. This is the absolute best way to proceed.